Kaleidoscope - Class Room Less School

Description: A space is defined by its activity. It’s not a single shot that can capture a Kaleidoscopic view. Every space has a unique feel in itself and can equally be redefined by multifaceted perspectives. Thus we reinvent every space. This is the design approach.

  •  The entry – having not a gate but activities to welcome students & recreate their day from beginning.
  •  There are no classes or divisions, rather three-four sections, one individual seating for interaction with teacher, every child gets priority, sending rows of smart boards to every information & is an area for fun & innovation to discover the self.
  •  The staff room of teachers are transparent to seek every students to teacher and vice-versa views.
  •  There is an area of spiritual zone, with access to a specially created woods called “Other end of sphere” encircling an adjacent track for different activities & walk along with attached amphitheatre & activity zones.

Urban Pyramid - Concept Housing

Urban Pyramid is a concept housing idea proposed to mitigate development of cost effective and community development row housing keeping a balance and gaining more units per unit of land used, also keeping scope for further developments into the same structure. Thus a Pyramid of pin joints of steel is used which can be grown around a centric arrangement as per the growing polulation from time to time.  

  • Pyramid is the most stable geometric form.
  • Cost effective with density control.
  • Mobile and changing functions in spaces.
  • Space frame structure with Design flexibility.
  • Use of lightweight perforated membrane.
  • Flexible vertical circulation as needed.
  • More open area.
  • Individual dwelling units.

School of Architecture and Planning - Kolkata Transparence

In this project, concept was to develop a self-study and experimental model in which the students will also experiment and learn from the architecture, landscaping, planning of the self residing structure.

Arts and Craft Meuseum - Delhi

The USP of this project is its interconnected ramp through the entire building of the museum, acting as a part of the unified gallery areas, changing space character from turns and taking an user chronologically from entry to exit.

Memorial For Mumbai Attack 26/11

– The idea is to develop a furniture system which can enhance “interaction in offices with having variable degrees of freedom thereby increasing multi-functionality.”  As a material innovation, use of vibrant colors on dense textures is used by sublimating n wood largely for enhancing positive vibes and welcoming essence at work.

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