Volume and Beyond from Tinsukia Assam is a  Design, Construction and BIM Consultancy firm with a team of experienced and young Architects and Engineers; incepted with a strong vision to serve and contribute back to the region with best of inherited traditions, culture, technology and new dimensions of exploration and research that we have gathered, experienced and experimenting in time; in symphony to each other.
We believe Architecture is conceived in Volume and perceived Beyond that, with innumerous ideas, perceptions, belongings, culture, traditions, genre, establishments, gratitude, stories, functions, professions, and what not…
Thus we call it Volume and Beyond where we work in a direction to resonate the best possible reflections we hear…we understand…we compile into a physical form.

Our Apporach

We keep it very simple…It’s a 3 R’s approach. Research…Render…Reach… 

  • Research

Here it all begins with research process where we first analyse and understand the topic, requirements, and other hidden dimensions associated with a project. We draw conclusions, assumptions and reach to a specific stage in complement to our client’s vision, our interventions and various possibilities, constraints, opportunities, etc. which lay the footprints of the very next step.

  • Render

Based on previous stage, we begin with the conceptual development on area statement, massing, space planning, zoning, form evolution; followed by entire evolution of the project to a physical form. This also comprise of building engineering and other consolidated considerations which goes hand to hand along the entire process.

  • Reach

Last but not the least; this stage which also runs parallel to the second stage where we along with every phases of work development, keep due considerations to reach back to our clients understanding, needs, suggestions, and most importantly their necessities and few desires that they can only express bluntly; so we in cohesion to our client the project is delivered back to them. The last part of this stage is also to keep in mind to inspire back from our design intervention. 

Our Story

Though we too have a beginning which is interesting, thrilling and equivalently inspiring to hear; since our inception in 2016; from pigeon holes to scattering our dimensions to the open up horizons each day…
How our story unfolds is yet to be curtailed and likewise every day; this very day is a new beginning that we consider reaching knew heights…we do believe that miracles exist, but we look up to shear dedication, strategy and hard work when we are given a choice.


A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way; under the leadership of Ar Sandeep Deb and Ar Prosanta Das; our firm is evolving into an entity making its mark in northeast in different dimensions with an experienced team of Architects, Urban Planners, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, Interior Designers, Procurement Managers, Site supervisors, Fabricators and skilled masons.
We are an equal work opportunity firm with selection of people based on skills, knowledge and experience they have gathered over time in different fields and not based on caste, creed, gender or any sort of discrimination.
Ar. Sandeep Deb is an Autodesk Certified Instructor, and personally conducts many training and development programs in different colleges on BIM for Civil engineering and Architecture students and professionals, which helps us to recruit new talents and also simultaneously helping our task force to grow into BIM equipped. 

Alumni of National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur(B.Arch) has actively participated in many National Competitions and being winners for the few like Transparence 2013, Holcim International Competition by ACC, Northern Region 2012, GVK Techvil Design Competition, by CSIR Palampur 2013, He has always felt and understood the need of software, BIM and technical edge in our education and practice; and have curiously learnt and practiced the skill through many experiments, research initiatives and in-field practice at different levels.

Joining Bose International Planning & Architecture, Delhi to start his career as an Architect has further boosted and opened to a world full of  implementation of technology into practice; to witness the practical implementation of BIM in our profession of AEC industry, where along with being an independent designer; he has been at constant up gradation and research lead for gaining efficiency at office work with software niche for few years before starting his own practice and research. He has experience and expertise in varied level of large to medium scaled projects ranging from Housing, IT Offices, Villas and Luxury Residences, Apartments, etc.

Along with participating in different industry competitions, he is actively pursuing a Research on Developing Specified Building Envelop Construction Material for Northeast Climatic condition. Also is working on a project to develop a system of codes and app to connect and bring all the building and construction byelaws and regulations at a touch end.

At September 2016 he has started his own practice in Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh forming an Architecture wing Volume and Beyond; along with a Construction Firm named Jyotshnadip Constructions. StepUp and Learn was a planned initiative developed over a period of time keeping deep interest and expertise in Building Information Modeling and his quest for Technological solutions for attaining more efficiency and futuristic growth.

“Dream…Create…Inspire…” is how he walks the talk…

He is a writer cum poet at other half of his heart and is warmly open for many sporting activities.

Companies Owned-

  • Jyotshnadip Constructions, Assam, 2016 (A Real Estate cum Construction Firm)
  • Volume and Beyond, Assam, Nagaland, AP, 2016 (Architectural & Build Firm)
  • StepUp and Learn, Assam (2015), Pune (2018) (A BIM Research Firm)

 Alumni of National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (B.Arch.), an entrepreneur with vision of excellence in the field of Architecture, Interior & Project Management with his stated 3H approach- Honesty, Humble & hard work is the lead person ensuring that our every initiative falls and fits in place. As a budding Architect, he has groomed himself while participating in many design competitions, being one of the winners of GVK Techvil Design Competition, by CSIR Palampur 2013, achieved various recognitions for his leadership skills in executing and successful completion of events. He has worked for 4 years at Collaborations Architects (CAID), Delhi involving himself in Project Management, Interior Designing and Turnkey Executions and Architectural Planning of many Commercial, Residential outlets, Factories in Delhi, Mumbai and Rajasthan areas.

His expertise in project detailing and execution has helped the firm grow its construction and Turnkey wing along with Design Wing. He also has great experience in Designing and Executing Factory buildings.

He is actively involved in a research on Building codes and its digitalization into an app.

He loves singing and is a minute craftsmen keeping keen interest in Application of Bamboos in construction and design.

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    Tinsukia, Assam
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